Painter Freelance •

League City, US

Freelance fantasy/pinup also portrait commissions
I have no formal trainging in art...I have always loved to draw since I was a little girl but didn't become serious about art as a career choice until around 2000.

I fell in love with the art of pinup around 2006 when first liscened with Sticker Chick. I am now with PTE and enjoy it!

I am inspired by emotion, music, beauty, sexuality, fantasy, vampires and so many other artists...

My greatest love of art is oils, there is nothing like it and Im forever in love...
I work in the digital medium a lot for PTE using a Wacom and Corel Painter, the crisp, clean and convenient medium is wonderful for tubes and graphics.

I learn everyday and will never stop learning with each piece no matter how simple or detailed.