Metal gear ground zero by Charochai

Metal gear ground zero

by Charochai in fanart

Metal Gear Ground zero.

After I saw the movie trailer I feel really Wow. Yep just only wow. because of the beautiful graphic that is so real and can render in real time by Fox engine.

What?? real time render??

Yep that is the question in my head at the first time but after I saw the movie and see how Xbox 360 and PS3 can do in these day. I am not quite surprise about the engine that can show the HD graphic. Btw in the next gen game will be use all of the HD graphic already.

I haven't play MG since MG2 substance so I am not quite sure the main character in Ground zero is the Bigboss or another guys however, All of snake is so cool so never mind

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  • Lucifer


    very nice and wonderful work :)

    Sep 6th, 2012 Reply Who wants a hug?