Happy Valentine 2013 02 14 by Charochai

Happy Valentine 2013 02 14

by Charochai in 2d artwork

Happy valentine.
Wish have a nice love loving day.

Here is my last valentine on 2012: http://fav.me/d52ts22

Do you know?

Japanese girl give chocolate to boy in this day, but in Thailand Boy give Chocolate to girl. I don't mind for who give chocolate to whom and I really happy to give something to my love. However, Each country has the way of valentine itself. So Happy valentine in your way is the best things. By the way, Thailand haven't had a white day ...... so sad.

Hi to you all!! How about your 14 February 2013 did you get any new item in your pocket? If you didn't received any new chocolate item, Don't be so sad because it time for you to find someone who you want to give chocolate to.

Enjoy in this day.

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