Ghost and Hydralisk starcraft by Charochai

Ghost and Hydralisk starcraft

by Charochai in fanart

Speed paint for the Starcraft fanart.

I don't know why I like to draw Hydralisk and Ghost units together. Maybe because of the Kerrigan. In my opinion both of them are really sexy character and it will be good to make them on the same image. This one is not really speed paint because use around 2.5 hrs to finished. Ghost for 1 hr and hydralisk for another 1 hr another 30 mins for sketching.

I will make more details later but at this time, I need to do another image that would be better.

Here is the first Ghost and Hydralisk image. [link]

The color tone a bit diffrent because this one painted on the PC and the old one painted on MAC.

I will post the painting process on this [link] or this link [link]


Edit 2012 08 21
Change and add more details to make it clearer.

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