Game Graphic designer & artist •

Bangkok, Thailand

I am working for 2d game graphic for mobile phone and smart phone such as Windows mobile, IOS and Android device for many years. Moreover, I am open the commission and art trade. If you are interesting, contact me via note or e-mail to me.

I can offer you.
- Game sprite sheet
- Chracter design
- Game GUI
- Game screen workflow design
- Cover art
- and more...

If you want to know for more information. Feel free check out on

This page will contain many artworks such as
1. Character design as character sheet and character pose,
2. Sprite animation or pixels art,
3. Game graphic design as cover or concept design,
4. Comic and Manga,
5. Fan art,
And much more

Q and A conner

Q: What kind of tools did you use?
A: Software: Photoshop and Sai paint tools,
Hardware: Wacom tablet.

Q: Do you open for commissions?
A: Yes I open for commissions.

Q: What is the price for your artwork?
A: It is depending on details.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: send NOTE to me.

Q: Do you have Facebook account?
A: Yes, I have. My Facebook account is CHAI-studio.

CHAIstudio - Charochai