Lady of the Beast by ChantalSnackey

Lady of the Beast

by ChantalSnackey in Paintings

I finished the first painting today … and discovered that ‘finishing something’, for me, is more a question of deciding when you are done with it than actually making ‘the last’ brush stroke. There is no ‘last’ stroke … I could go on working on this forever, but eventually I would get to the point where it would stop getting prettier with every stroke … and that’s where I am at now. So, I decide it is finished :)

I call her ‘Lady of the Beast’ .. one of the names of Roman goddess Diana, who is goddess of Nature. In essence, she is the same as Gaia, our Mother Earth. This painting resembles the dual nature of our divine mother, she gives and takes and we must never forget that we are here by her grace. We have to respect the gifts given and honor her beautiful earth.

Since this is my first painting, I’d really love to know what you guys think ! Drop me a message with some feedback if you like.

The painting is about 60x60cm, done with acrylics and watercolor pencil on a plywood board. For sale (for inquiries, send me a message!).

Original: for sale. Msg me for inquiries.

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