Yamada Takayuki by Cerah-Art

Yamada Takayuki

by Cerah-Art in J-Dorama tribute

Takayuki Yamada (山田孝之 Yamada Takayuki?, born October 20, 1983) is a Japanese actor and singer. He has two elder sisters and one son. At age 15, he was discovered by talent agency Stardust and made his debut in his acting career in the TV drama Psychometrer Eiji 2 in 1999.
One of his first big roles was starring as Matsumoto Sakutaro in Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu in the 2004 TBS series. In 2005, he made his name known with the movie Densha Otoko. His recent projects include Taiyou no Uta and the Japanese movie The Letter (Tegami) with co-star Erika Sawajiri.

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