Hold on to The Weight by Cerah-Art

Hold on to The Weight

by Cerah-Art in Old Rezim

"Amnesty International on Friday called on the Saudi Arabian authorities to protect domestic workers from abuse, following the reported discovery of the mutilated body of an Indonesian woman found in a skip in the town of Abha.
Reports over the weekend of the discovery of Kikim Komalasari’s body came as Indonesian officials travelled to Saudi Arabia to investigate allegations of serious abuse of another Indonesian domestic worker, who has been hospitalized since November 8" http://bikyamasr.com/wordpress/?p=21260

"JAKARTA - The National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) said Wednesday (May 5) human rights abuse cases is step up compared to previous year. The commission refers to 5,900 rights abuse reports in 2009." http://www.waspada.co.id/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=111555:komnas-ham-rights-abuse-report-increase-to-5800&catid=30:english-news&Itemid=101

"Indonesia has made some progress on the issue by cracking down on bogus labor recruiters and educating women about the dangers of migration. But Human Rights Watch says not enough attention is being given to a group that contributes around $7 billion to the economy each year.
There are reports that many Indonesian women working as maids or nannies overseas are denied days off and are paid less than promised. There also has been a long list of grim physical abuse cases, including murders and rapes." http://www.voanews.com/english/news/Report-Details-Severe-Abuse-of-Indonesian-Migrant-Workers--111780749.html

"In August 29,2006 In early March of this year, a man in Iraq reassured his worried neighbor that her young daughter would be safe from U.S. soldiers. The Iraqi mother knew that U.S. soldiers had harassed her daughter, and was afraid that they would come for her daughter at night. Her neighbor told her, "The Americans would not do such a thing."
Days later, the young girl was raped, shot and set afire, and four of her family members were murdered, all allegedly by U.S. soldiers. Six soldiers have been charged, and a decision will be made in September whether to court-martial four of the soldiers for murder and rape.
And recently, it has come to light that women in the U.S. military and related institutions are at significant risk of being sexually assaulted, harassed and raped, by their fellow service members" http://www.now.org/issues/military/082906sexualassault.html

Theres so many report about women's rights violations world wide and Indonesian women's labour abuse ,this is just a few of it.

This illustrations i made is to show you,how heavy the weight that women's today have to carried especially in the third world country,economic pressure,labour abuse,sexual harassment and the fact that is still such a thing called discriminations.

And also this image is inspire from my mother who have to struggle after my father passed several years ago,she a strong women,i really admire that,she's my biggest inspirations and i love her until today and until the day i die,, :)

All stock used is from http://deviantart.com/

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