Raven Witch by Celairen

Raven Witch

by Celairen in Digital Art

I was inspired by the 'Black Swan' movie. I try to make a similar intensive make-up and give it this dark feeling of self destruction. Not really a good birthday theme ;)
I think the raven composition is not really good. I was so anxious to make the face look perfect and the model as a whole, that I have not thought much about it.
And the crow on her hand..I know, even if I made her smoother and try to blend it good with the background, it's not perfect. But I love this special crow, because of the amazing feathers.. So I decided I had to stay her like she is now.
First try was not really full of colors, but I loved how her face looks there..same problem like the composition thing. I decide to make it more blue, because it's for me the color of mystic and dark beauty. And I like the contrast of the dark red make-up and the blue tones and the black parts. I think I could have made the smoke better, too. In the grey version, it looks fine, but so..hm, not so great :grump: I just think, perfect lightning is a other thing than that you can see here, but I try my best ;)

Model: conrado
Crow:http://peroni68.deviantart.com/art/a-crow-279813339 & http://noctourniquet.deviantart.com/art/Corvidae-Ravens-N-Crows-31819490
Brushes:http://falln-stock.deviantart.com/art/Smoke-Brushes-Set-1-92730901 http://falln-stock.deviantart.com/art/Feathers-Brushes-Set-1-92728583
Tiara: http://thy-darkest-hour.deviantart.com/art/Tiara-Stock-03-Exclusive-230910112

All the rest is painted by me. Do not use it in any way!

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