Cyber Angel by Celairen

Cyber Angel

by Celairen in photomanips

This was really really hard work. I begin last evening, don't sleep and work all night long until six o'clock at Sunday morning. I have finished two other projects right the afternoon on Saturday. But I do not like them. They had no feeling, no expression - in my eyes. I wanted do something with metal wings and I was almost crazy, because I find none..Than I find this one and they are exactly what I had thought of. I think this work has a few lacks, but now I'm overtired and I just do not want to do anything exept sleeping and for that I had to submit it..So here it is.

model:Andrey Kiselev /123RF Stock Photo
wing: by :devfranz85:
bg: Sveva / renderosity
fly: iunewind / 123RF Stock Photo

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