Alexiel & Luzifer by Celairen

Alexiel & Luzifer

by Celairen in Digital Art

She the organic one, daughter of Adam Kadamon, traitor with the three wings and he, Luzifer the bringer of light, highest lord of angels army, fallen with black wings..

At heart I work on this picture since a long time. I would like to find a perfect Luzifer. But it's hard to find a man, who should be beautier than everyone, has charisma and is unbelivable strong. Not to say that he should have a dark aura, be dangerous in most parts, but loved. He should be realy in love with her, through in the Manga there are only hints of love. But I always think they could be lovers for time, because they are in some parts so similar and in others not. I find they are soulmates with the same goal. This man isn't the absolutly Luzifer for my but he is the best I can find. I paint him long hairs, make his scar..but the mark of the fallen one. Well this is not the mark, you can see herea other sign of devil. I have to do it as the picture is basically ready and I don't know..:ashamed:

Alexiel like you could see her here is not my perfect solution. I like her wings, through I think the perspectiv is not absolutly correct. And I get mad as I manip and paint her hair. I hat brown her..for painting.
The background is made absolutly in a feeling for doing what you want. It simply works and I like him, through I try before with a old ruin on a moon like atmosphäre and so one. I like simple solutions..
It's one of my works I realy like myself. I work hard on it and I don't know, but I have the feeling, I could not get better even if no one like this one. :( Of course I wish so bad some would like it.

worktime: 2 and a half day
revision: 3 days
medium: ps cs5
music: evanescence

..And without this great stock I had nothing to do:

the wings:

by Romantic

the feathers:

by coffinkittie

:bulletblack:the savage brushes

by Fortelegy

the model

by tankist276 at shutterstock

parts of the hair

by trisste-brushes

the mark

by tsuyura

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