Time by Carmine

"Time" takes an objective reference regarding time definition, psychological impact it has on us and the sense of the inaccessible movement and progression it brings to our lives. Time means shaping new characters, shields and sparks of new thoughts in our mind. Time sometimes brings failures. I wanted to create here an amorphous dimension in which time solely hands an affecting variable.
The horses in the middle represent the progression prevailing in the motion of time; they march towards something, someone.
The boxes and sparkles represent the formation and initial inception of new-born ideas, newly created conceptions. The great light from the left has also to do with the outer circulation and universal rules by which we are all bound, including time itself: the sun, our solar system. Under that same bright circle we carry our lives day by day until they end, marching our feet towards fulfilling our wishes and understanding ourselves. Time is the basic foundation of development.

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