Graphite Pencil ;Photographer

I am a mom, grandmom recent widow and also grieving the loss of my youngest sister because Two of my loved ones are now with God.

I miss them terribly but my grief is easier to handle because God holds me up. Also my artwork and my cats keep me busy and smiling.

I am enjoying browsing and see everyone's art pieces, you are inspiration.

I will keep drawing, painting, writing poems and shooting photos.

I was raised in Calif and now live in Texas (hence my ID) I am a self taught hobby artist that uses tutorials online to help me improve.

I have some prior names aka sultry from WetCanvas and Artpapa. I am on DA, some of you may know me as Sultrybaby from there. I was given that nick from my late husband who lost the battle of liver disease 3/27/10. He passed on right after my little sister who had a fatal fall hiking accident.

I am finally back drawing and painting again and it has helped me heal. My latest drawing "2 Feathers"

I was told about this site from a friend I knew in the other site /JurgenDoe.

I own three beautiful cats which are Bengals and one Siamese. I am trying to learn how to use my new Canon Mark II D5 camera. I appreciate any advice. :)

I was using a Kodak on auto and now after one class of photography I was told to never use that setting and to use AF Canon ( I need to get a lens for cat photography, I only have the landscape one that came with the camera).

Please stop by and leave a message, I always reply when I am online.

God Bless and have a good day.