Kids Fantasy Dream by CPIndipulasi

Kids Fantasy Dream

by CPIndipulasi in CP Indipulasi

Kids Fantasy Dream Manipulation title: "A Journey to KiKi Land"
Canvas Size: 700px x 1079px (Original 2400px x 3700px )
Manipulation for Jari Susuk

Trying to create a continueos storyline from the artwork title "A Journey to LaLa Land". Adding boys as main character enable me to create the title "Kids Fantasy Dream". It is also about a fantasy dream of brother & Sister in their journey to KiKi Land.
Enjoy! Cheers!
Dedicated to my 2 kids Afie&Fifie. Daddy love you!

Thanks to the owner of the stock photo used in this manipulation.
Boy Model:§ion=&q=Steampunk+boy+stock5#/d2kgj0d
Girl Model:§ion=&q=my+new+horse+6#/d1cm78g

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