Salvation Refused by ButterflyCry

Salvation Refused

by ButterflyCry in Surrealism

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I can think on my own
I don't need control
I refuse salvation
For my soul

Omega Lithium _ Salvation Refused

I just finished my very last final exam today and had to celebrate that by creating some art! First piece of art in 2012... oh, sweet free time, you have been missed...
Hope you like it ♥

Please fullview to see details!


Bird by dark-dragon-stock on deviantART
Cage by Morbid--Princess on deviantART
House by NightKn8 on deviantART
Old Paper Texture #1 by Ayelie-stock on deviantART
Old Paper Texture #2 by Saykee on deviantART
Everything else done with Poser

Thanks a lot! ♥

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