One Orc Down by BryanBogs

One Orc Down

by BryanBogs in Digital Paintings

I wish I could think of a more creative title than the one I have right now, but hey... I hope to one day be able to come up with better names for my work.

Anyway, been thinking about a lot of things while working on this painting. One of them is how I wish I could manage my time better to hit my goals in life.

I've learned that perfectionists don't get very far. I used to think that my absolute best is what's needed but in reality everything is time bound. The better artists out there know when to stop working on a piece.

Right now I want to fix a lot of things with this painting. There's just so much that I want to change but I've given myself a two week deadline (around 30 hours, 2 hours during weekdays and around 5 on weekends) to get this done. The things I want to change here, will simply have to be addressed by my next painting.

What's important for me is that I gave my best given the time constraints that I have.

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