Swanlake by BrigitteFredensborg


by BrigitteFredensborg in Danbo

One night, after reading Swan Lake's story before sleeping, Ashley got a very weird dream.She suddenly appeared on a lake, where there were a lot of swans swimming on the lake. She thought, "Hey, maybe they are ballerinas, and now they're doing the showcast." So, Ashley sat on the edge, watching the swans swim from side to side.

After several minutes, a swan came to her direction. "Hello there," said the swan.
"Well, hello, dear Swan! I enjoy your show," said Ashley enthusiatically.
The swan looked confused, "What show?"
"Ballet show? Aren't you and your friends doing that now?"
"Good heaven, no! We're not doing any ballet performance here, right now."
"But, but, what are you doing then?"
"We were getting ready for rehearsal."
"Rehearsal? Theatrical play?" asked Ashley curiously.
"What's the story?"
"Troy War."
"Wow, that's great!" said Ashley.
"Hmm.. I have an idea for you," said the swan after thinking for a while.
"What idea? Is it going to be a good idea?"
"Yes, you can be one of the Rome Soldier! I will be your horse, and you can hop on to my back. What about that?"
"Ooooh, that's super idea! I'd like to be a commander, leading my own batalyon! Come on, let's play!"

After everything's in place, the rehearsal started. Ashley was having fun, she really comprehended her act, she shouted and screamed out loud to attack the enemy.
"Go!!! Kill that guy! We've got to win!!!" screamed Ashley.

In the end of the rehearsal, everybody's satisfied, and all the swans thanked Ashley for her great roleplay. When Ashley woke up in the morning, she felt so energetic and went to the kitchen kicking and punching everything she found. Of course that made Jenny, her mother so shocked and thought what happened with her beloved daughter in just one night.

Lyrics written by the wonderful Meutia http://shadowness.com/Meutia

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