So pretty by BrigitteFredensborg

So pretty

by BrigitteFredensborg in Danbo

Remember when I told you that Princess Ashley, from exotic country, had social meeting with her friends, princess and princes from another country? And she must prepared herself? You must be remembered too that she had already taken a very relaxing an beautiful bath with very soft soap that moisten her skin. Is that all? Oh no! Now Princess Ashley went into her mother's room, climbed on to the chair in front of dressing table, and she looked around.
"Hmm... I must be pretty, or no one will notice me. In fact, I must be the prettiest girl, so it's only me who will be noticed," thought Princess Ashley.

Then, she pulled out her mother's make up box. She looked and thought which one she had to use. She remembered her mother applying compact powder, so she took that and applied it on her face just like her mother did. After that, she took blush-on and its brush, pink one, and she applied that too on both of her cheeks. Now her cheeks are pink colored, just like she was blushing. She stopped for a while, remembering what else her mother put on.

"Aaahh the eye thing!"

So, she looked for an eyeshadow (although she didn't know the name was eye shadow, but she remembered what it looked like), chose the light blue color, applied it on both of her eyes, and in the end, she added light shading on the top of the light blue eyeshadow. She still thought that her makeup was not complete. She looked herself in the mirror, again and again.

"Oooohh, the masc!!" (she meant the mascara)

She took mascara, shake it hardly (fyi, please don't shake your mascara too hard, okay), then pulled out the brush. She tried to apply it on her eyelashes, she succeeded, although there were some part that's thicker than the other. Well, Princess Ashley was still new on make-up thing, right? She blinked her eyes several times, looked herself from the right side, the left side, the front side, the backside (oh wait, not the backside). Hmm.. she was beautiful! so much! The last but not least, she pulled out her mother's lipstick, two colors, light pink and purple one. She put the pink first, but decided to put the purple too. She wear the lipstick until her lips were purple color (thank God it's not blue, otherwise people might think she had hypothermia!).

After all done, she looked herself in the mirror. She thought, "Wow, I am so beautiful! Everyone will be jealous of me!!"

She was ready, she left all the make up on the table (which was so messy now!) and she was ready to meet all of her friends, Princess and Princes from other country. She came down to the living room, and decided she must make tea for her friends. So she went to the kitchen, where her mother, Jenny, was making dinner for the family.

"Mom, I need a pot of tea for me and my friends," she asked.
"Sure honey, I will bring it to you," Jenny said without looking at her daughter.
"I need it now, Mom!" Ashley said impatiently.
"Ok, Ashley. I will make it now," Jenny turned around and "Good God in Heaven!! Ashley, your face...", Jenny grasped.
"I am beautiful, aren't I, Mom?" Ashley posed in front of her mother and blinked her eyes several times.

Jenny stunned, did not sure what to do.

Lyrics written by the wonderful Meutia

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