So alone, sweeties? by BrigitteFredensborg

So alone, sweeties?

by BrigitteFredensborg in Danbo

One day when Ashley played on the field behind her house, she met with severals baby swans that were walking together in a row. She looked to the right, to the left, but she couldn't find their mother. So, as you already know how curious and friendly our Ashley was, she greeted those baby swans.

Ashley : Hello there!
Baby Swan 1 : Hello too...
Ashley : I am Ashley. Why are you alone here?
Baby Swan 1 : Our mom went somewhere, she said to wait for her here. But we bored, so we take a walk for a little bit.
Ashley : Oh, hmm, do you guys want to play with me?
Baby Swan 1 : I don't know...
Baby Swan 2 : Let us play with her, it could be fun. Besides we don't know how long until Mom will be back.
Ashley : (thought she should bring her flower armors, so these cute little new friends won't refuse to play with her)
Baby Swan 1 : Ok then, we can play together.
Ashley : Yaaaay!! What's your name?
Baby Swan 1 : I am Sophie, that is Evie, Daisy, and Anna.
Ashley : Awesome name!!

Suddenly, from behind, Mama Swan came and she looked rather suspicious of Ashley.

Mama Swan : Well, hello there! Who are you, and what are you doing with my children?
Ashley : (shocked at first) aa ii...
Mama Swan : (thought that this little girl's expression was so funny)
Ashley : Hello Ma'am. I am Ashley, I met Sophie, Evie, Daisy, and Anna when I was going to play. Can I play with them?
Daisy : Yes Mama, can we play with Ashley? It's nice to have new friend.
Mama Swan : Well, I'm glad that all of you have found new friend, but it's time to go home now.
Evie : Awww... Mama
Ashley : We can play a while at my house. You and my mom can share cookies together? please please please... let us play.
Mama Swan : (thinking for a while) well, I guess that's no harm at all. Show me the way to your house, Ashley. A great company to spend afternoon together seems to be nice.
Ashley and 4 baby swans : yaaaay!!! wooohooooooo!!! yipppieeeeee

Lyrics written by the wonderful Meutia

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