Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs by BrigitteFredensborg

Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

by BrigitteFredensborg in Danbo

Narrator : On one night, Ashley, our beloved friend, had a very weird dream. She was dreaming that she became Snow White, and she was sleeping because just before she ate the poison apple.

1st dwarf : I've told her, I've told her, she shouldn't eat anything given by the ugly witch!
2nd dwarf : well, she's not technically ugly, right?
1st dwarf : she's mean, that's ugliness!
2nd dwarf : (shrug) I was just telling, don't get mad.
3rd dwarf : now what should we do? hiks hiks :(
4th dwarf : the curse only can be broken by a prince who really loves her.
3rd dwarf : I love her with all my heart.
5th dwarf : that's because she cooks your favorite food! you always love anyone who cooks your favorite food!
4th dwarf : someone must go and find this so-called prince charming.
2nd dwarf : well, not me. I'd rather stay here with her.
6th dwarf : I will make an advertisement, and spread it all over the country.
7th dwarf : I will make an announcement in my website and send email to all Empire's PR about this tragedy.
1st dwarf : Ok guys, that's good idea! 2 and 3, stay here, keep her warm, and beware of the ugly witch. She might get back. 5, you also stay here, don't forget to bring your stun gun! 4,6,and 7 follow me. We will make an announcement, call our contacts in neighbour empire and make poster! Also we need to send report to Witch Committee so they can punish that ugly-mean-woman. Hop hop, let's work!

Narrator : Ashley suddenly awaked and thought "Uh oh, I forgot to tell them, I've already had phone number of my prince charming"

ps: Narrator's deeply apologize because she doesn't remember the dwarfs name.

Lyrics written by the wonderful Meutia

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