Oops by BrigitteFredensborg

On one day, Ashley was playing with one of her bestfriend, Wally. They were playing a lot of games, hide and seek, monopoly, and then they just chased each other around the house. Accidentally, Wally pulled one of Ashley's arm and detached it from Ashley's body.

Wally : Oops!
Ashley : Wally, what have you done!! I lost my arm (Ashley was shocked)
Wally : I am so..rry. I didn't mean that, Ashley (Wally was shocked too)

Ashley suddenly took her detached arm and hit Wally's head with it (not hard of course)


Wally's eyes went round and round and he was sure he saw birds and butterflies are flying in front of him.

Ashley : now put my arm back, or you won't get hot cocoa and I won't play with you again.
Wally : Okay Ashley, I will do that. I have a lot of tools that can fix this. Follow me to my garage.

Ashley and Wally went to Wally's garage and guess what, they spent 3 hours there going oohh and aaah of Wally's equipment before they realized that Wally hadn't attached Ashley's arm back.

Lyrics written by the wonderful Meutia http://shadowness.com/Meutia

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