Ninja Kaariritakufu by BrigitteFredensborg

Ninja Kaariritakufu

by BrigitteFredensborg in Danbo

Ehem ehem... let me introduce myself. I am Meutia, people call me Muthe, but at night I turn into Yori Ninja! My special power is talking nonsense so....

CIAAAAAATTTTT!!!! (suddenly there's a little voice screaming followed by some kicking and punching in my arms, shoulders, and then face!)

Me : Ouch!! Who's that?! (looking to the right, looking to the left, looking up, lookind down)
Me : What was it? Nobody's around me. Was it ghost?! It's not Friday the 13th, isn't it?!
Ashley : It's me!! I'm here!!

I followed the voice direction and there was it! The little girl (I was sure it's a girl!) with ninja cover (just like me!) and she brought katakana!

Me : Oh, hello there! Who are you? Why did you attack me?
Ashley : My name is Ashley, but you don't know that! You only know that my name is Kaariritakufu ninja!
Me : What? Tofu curry?! What kind of ninja name is that?!
Ashley : Not Tofu curry!!! (she suddenly hit my head with the katakana, BONG!!) Kaariritakufu ninja!
Me : Oh..ok.. can I call you Riri instead? That's easier
Ashley : Oh well, that's sounds nice too.
Me : And why did you attack me before? What did I do wrong?
Ashley : Well I just wanted to say hi, it was nice to punch and kick you.
Me : Hey, that's not nice! What do you think I am?
Ashley : I thought you were broomstick!
Me : Broom stick?!! Impolite!
Ashley : Sorry...i was just.. i was just (watery eyes)
Me : I was just kidding, you're so dramatic! By the way, my name is Yori Ninja. Hey, do you want apple juice?
Ashley : Oooh I love apple juice! do you have chocolate too? I am starving here after a very hard exercise.
Me : Yeah, you did pretty hard exercise, kicking me! Come with me, not only chocolate, I also have chips too. We can watch Master Simatzu and Master Pengin arguing each other on the backyard.
Ashley : What are they arguing?
Me : I have no idea! that's why it's fun to watch them. Come on, Riri Ninja!

Lyrics written by the wonderful Meutia

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