Mooom, she  broke it by BrigitteFredensborg

Mooom, she broke it

by BrigitteFredensborg in Danbo

Katja, Ashley's cousin, had a sleepover in Ashley's home on one weekend. Ashley and Katja played together, they played with Ashley's stuffed animals, they held a tea time together and dressed like princess. They rode bicycle and swam together. They had a fun time together.

On one afternoon, they played at home, because it seems that the rain was coming that day. They played with Ashley's little danbo figures at Ashley's room. They made a scene for the Danbo, included some stuffed animals and dolls, and they made their own story for the scene.

Suddenly, Jenny, Ashley's mother, heard a scream from the second floor.

"Ashley! What's happening up there?"
"Mooom!! Come here!!" Ashley screamed again.
Jenny went upstair in a hurry.
"What's happening here?" asked Jenny when she reached Ashley's bedroom.
"Look Mom! She broke it!!" Ashley shouted and pointed to the broken Danbo on the floor.
Jenny looked down to the floor, and yes, there it was, the broken Danbo. Jenny took a deep breath, this must be handled carefully.
"Ok, Ashley, Katja, tell me what happened."
"Katja broke the Danbo!" Ashley said.
"No, I didn't ask who broke it, Ashley. I asked, what did happen when both of you were playing?"
Ashley and Katja didn't answer, they were just silent.
"Ashley? Katja?"
"Well, Auntie Jenny, we were playing. I wanted to put Danbo on the chair, but..," Katja suddenly stopped talking.
"But what, Katja? Don't be afraid to tell the truth."
"Umm.. Ashley wanted to put Danbo on the bed. We both grabbed it at the same time and.. I loosened it, and it fell."
"Yes,you did that! You loosened it, so it fell!" Ashley said angrily.

"Now, I want to ask to you Ashley. Did you loose the Danbo too?"
"Uhm.. yes, but I thought.."
"You thought what?" Jenny asked
"I thought she held it, I was going to let her put it on the chair."
"And how would she know that if you had not tell her?"
"I.. I.. she should just know it! Mom, why are you on Katja's side?!"
"I am not on anyone's side here. Now sit on the bed, the two of you," asked Jenny. Katja and Ashley both climbed onto the bed.
"Ashley. What's your favorite food?"
"Uhm.. Lasagna?" Ashley was confused of her mother's question.
"How would I know you want Lasagna if you don't tell me that you want it for your dinner?"
"Uh.. uh..."
"That's what happened before. You didn't tell Katja that you were going to let her to put Danbo on the chair. Katja didn't know about it, so she didn't held Danbo."
"Uhh....," Ashley mumbled.
"Now, Katja."
"You too should told Ashley that you would let her took Danbo. Therefore she wouldn't loosen it too."
Katja and Ashley were silent.
"Both of you did the same mistake. You were busy with your own needs and you didn't talk what was on your mind. Now I want both of you apologize to each other."
"But, what about Danbo? It's broken now," Ashley replied.
"We will think and talk about Danbo later. Now, apologize and shake hands."
Ashley and Katja looked at each other, and they shaked hands and apologized to each other, though at that time their feelings were not really good.

What about the poor broken Danbo? Jenny discussed about it with her husband, and they both agree to buy Ashley a new one next week ^^

Lyrics written by the wonderful Meutia

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