I want to read now by BrigitteFredensborg

I want to read now

by BrigitteFredensborg in Danbo

All of you have already known by now that Ashley loved reading. One day, when she was reading on the rocking chair, Pipu and Flo, Bobby's puppy, came to her and asked her to play with them. They jumped and barked at her, but she ignored them. When they were too noisy, Ashley put down the book, and said, "Guys, I wanto to read this book for now. I will play with you later, okay?"

Both of the puppies were sad. Ashley looked down and caressed their head.
"Pipu, Flo, I promise after I finish this chapter, I will play with you. Okay?"
Pipu and Flo nodded their head and waved their tails. Ashley continued reading the book and after she finished the chapter, she played with Pipu and Flo.

One thing that we can learn from Ashley, it's focus. Focus on what you're doing!

Lyrics written by the wonderful Meutia http://shadowness.com/Meutia

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