Goooooal by BrigitteFredensborg


by BrigitteFredensborg in Danbo

This morning, Ashley's Dad was very enthusiast. He was so happy, because his favorite football team, Barcelona, won the Champion League. With that happiness, he asked Ashley whether she wanted to play football with him on the backyard. Ashley have tried playing football once, but then the boys didn't let her play football with them anymore. They said, it because she was a girl. A girl didn't play football.

So Ashley was very eager to play football with her dad. They set a goalset, Ashley's Dad became the goalkeeper and Ashley became the striker. Ashley ran and brought the ball. It was hard at first to keep the ball on the track. Sometimes the ball was just naughty, it kept going to the bush, but Ashley's Dad said that Ashley could make it. So she tried again, and ran again kicking the ball. A few meters in front of her dad, Ashley kicked the ball hard (I told you, it was strong kick!) and she made a goal!!!

"GOAAAALLLLLL!!!" Ashley's Dad screamed and lifted Ashley in his arms.

I don't have to tell you that they played the football all day, and sometimes Ashley cheated, of course, when she and her dad played one on one. You know what's her cheat? She held the ball in her arms or sat on top of it, so her father couldn't get the ball! Or she shifted the goal set so it was impossible for her dad to make a goal. Oh Ashley!

Lyrics written by the wonderful Meutia

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