Come on now by BrigitteFredensborg

Come on now

by BrigitteFredensborg in Danbo

... we are already late!

Ashley and Frank the Turtle were invited to Gretchen's house to have cookies and have tea on one afternoon. Frank agreed to meet Ashley at her house on 3 pm, and he promised he wouldn't be late.

It's already 3.45 pm and Frank had not come yet. Ashley paced up impatiently in the living room.
"Frank is always late! I should've pick him up instead of waiting here. Or maybe I should have just go to Gretchen's house and leave him," Ashley grumbled. Ashley kept pacing and pacing until she heard the door bell rang. Ashley went to the front door and opened it, she made angry face to Frank.
"Where have you been, Frank?! We're already late!"
"Sorry, Ashley. You know, there's traffic jam, and I met Brian and he asked about football game and we chat a bit..."
"Arghh...excuses, excuses, no more talking! Come on, Gretchen's waiting for us," and by that Ashley grabbed Frank and pulled him to walk fast behind her.

Lyrics written by the wonderful Meutia

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