Blowball blow by BrigitteFredensborg

Blowball blow

by BrigitteFredensborg in Danbo

Ashley saw a girl (actual human girl) playing with dandelion one day, that girl blowed the dandelion until all the petals of it flewn away. Ashley, of course, wanted to do the same. She looked for a dandelion, and fortunately found a lot. She took one, tried to blow it too. Poor Ashley, the dandelion was too big for her little body, no matter how hard she tried to blow it, the dandelion didn't even move an inch!

Ashley was sad, she wanted to blow the dandelion too. She tried again and again, but the dandelion still not moved. Suddenly, she got very brilliant idea. She took three or four dandelions with her, ran away as fast as she could to her home, and asked her mom whether she could borrow a fan or not. Her mother said yes. Ashley brought the fan to her room, plugged the wire, and went to window. The fan was placed behind her. She opened the window, sat there, and turned on the fan. She took one dandelion, held it high, and there it is! The dandelion blown away!! She stared at the dandelion, how beautiful it is, she thought.

Ashley was very very happy that day. Even at the night, she didn't refuse at all when her mother told her to go to bed. Later, she had a dream, she was on the dandelion, and there's wind blow the dandelion and her away, and she travelled around the place, saw everything she hadn't seen before.

Lyrics written by the wonderful Meutia

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