A good friend by BrigitteFredensborg

A good friend

by BrigitteFredensborg in Danbo

A good friend doesn't have to play with you everyday
Doesn't have to laugh with you, cry with you, or even be on your side when you fight

A good friend doesn't have to be with you every single day.
Call you in the morning, have lunch with you at the school, and spend tea time together in the afternoon

Being a good friend, doesn't mean you have to always say yes, to agree with your friend opinion
It doesn't mean you become her/his follower
Sometimes, being a good friend means to stand up for your own opinion

A good friend is
a person who will be there whenever we need, even though not physically, even the only presence is just voice or texts

A good friend is
a person who is brave enough to show our failure when we don't see it and then help us to make it right

A good friend is
a person whom we can share everything, our dreams, our experiences, our faith, our failure, almost everything

A good friend is
the candle that light up our path, blanket that warm us in the rain, open arms that hug us when we are happy, sad, or when we just need a hug

And my dear Ashley,
A good friend is so hard to find. It's almost like finding soulmate. Yes, that hard. So when you finally find your bestfriend, keep it. No matter how many ups and downs, no matter how far the distance separates you and your bestfriend(s), keep it. Because your good friends, your bestfriends, are thos little puzzle pieces that will complete your life.

With Love,


*words that were written by Jenny, she put it in a frame, hang it on Ashley's room. Ashley might not really understand about it now, but in few years, she will understand it*

Lyrics written by the wonderful Meutia http://shadowness.com/Meutia

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