Der Erste Schnee by BondageFox

Der Erste Schnee

by BondageFox in The Kitsune

We often make collaborative work with Alex, this is one of them.
He did the characters, I did the back and foreground.

The first snow fell.
Not only fell but in minutes fast covered the whole park with one heavy white blanket. It was cold as the cold winter air raged across the area chasing the people back to their warm homes to enjoy their cup of tea with their beloveds.

In this rough weather seemed like there was one still left alone in a park which was not visited by others for years long. With fat scarf around his neck he was waiting. Who knows how long he was there already waiting, but seemed like no matter how aggressive the weather was, he stubbornly left there, waiting.

There was one candle in his hand he was holding. A candle which already burnt from his long waiting but still left some of it to burn gentle and offer some soft light.
He somehow managed to protect this one little light and for some reason it seemed like it is important to him.

Time to time he kept looking to a certain direction still a bit excited even after so long freezing in this cold. Seemed like his luck finally returned as another lonely shape appeared in the distance moving slowly, broken. With a smile on his face he left his waiting spot to welcome the one just arrived holding him light to not let him lose his way.

The distant shape slowly got more close, a tired man with a katana in his hand pulling almost on the ground painting the pure white snow to red with blood. He seemed tired, exhausted and broken not even looked at the candle and its holder.

"I was waiting for you, Marius."

Arrived the warm voice of the other one.

"You should be home in the warm, not waiting in this cold on me."

"Maybe. But I wanted to come back home together with you. The others told me that you will come this way once you are done with your.. business."

"Sasa told it?"

The other one nodded with the same smile as he moved closer holding the candle still carefully let it light both of their faces a little.

"You shouldn't bother. You could catch.. a cold."

A laugh was a reply.

"A cold? You kidding, right? Would be surely new to me to ever catch a cold."

"Why are you here, Syrr? Why? To wait a beast like me? Can't you see? Blood on my blade, I killed again. I am a monster! You should be careful I may hurt you one day too."

Barked suddenly Marius on Syrr giving out the frustration he felt during all night. The truth, how he seen it with his own mind, let his inner demons talk for him as he given them right.
Syrr with a soft surprise looked on Marius but then his warm smile returned and a bit cuddled out Marius' hair from his eyes.

"All I see one tired warrior who had too much to do this very night. Someone who needs some care and a little time with his little family."


"Shhht." Muttered Syrr to choke the words back in Marius. "Don't think, dear. Just allow me to guide you, take my hand and let's go home. I will show you stars, and smile.
The only monsters I see here are only dancing in your head. I will show you a better dance then those impostors."

Marius was about to voice against Syrr but looking in his eyes how the candle light reflected from it he rather silenced himself and with tired head nodded.
With slow moves both of them slowly left behind the moment to cherish another one which was guided by one soft candle light in the darkest time of the night.

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