Asasanelah by BondageFox


by BondageFox in The Demon

Once upon a time there were gods.
Gods who blessed the natives with their protection in return their faith in them. These Gods were ancient and old, they walked among us but only those could see who walked with open eyes.
Some tribe in their deep respect offered their best son to their Gods to be there mortal messenger and their essence and soul got bound. This one boy was one special and respected one, the one who carried the symbol of his Family and their believes.

Sadly it also happened that these Gods got poisoned by the destruction the white men brought with themselves to the sacred lands. Pollution, anger, lies, and fake promises with weapons which kill from the distance. The venom of the mankind turned these old Gods bitter, dark and clueless filled with their hate, their anger, their lies until they turned into demons.

That's the story of the old.

My story.

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