Digital Artist, Photographer •

underpaid starving artist, loves designing, sleep a lot, annoying, easily annoyed by others, workaholic junkie, petite and erotic, gadget freak, mac freak, cheese freak, sweet tooth, nasik ganja fan, can't live without internet, smoke a lot, hate taking photos of himself with a cameraphone, hate ppl taking photos of themself with cameraphones, loves his makjah so much and his big sister and all his aunts too, loves his frens, #empire_records forever, hate his job, loves his car, hate sleeping in his car, hate jams, hate traffic lights, his camera is his GF, homophobic, coulrophobic (yeah clowns pretty much freaks him out), yellow-digi-guy-phobic, free food turns him on, want to learn french, no 1 supporter of piracy, thinks that killing mat rempits is a public service, groupies of Ville Valo, and self proclaimed music junkie...Damn, i'm awesome :P