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Vancouver, Canada

Outside of Shadowness:

My name is Natasha, I am 24 years old and live in Vancouver BC by myself now. I am about to start an accelerated Business program which will give me a diploma before Christmas 2013! I've also started to learn Hindi on my own(crazy huh?). I'm from a small town just trying to be a big town kinda girl...well not really =P I try to hold the lessons and memories from that small town way of life closely as I navigate this much larger place.

On Shadowness I am a DailyInspiration Moderator which mostly means I help to give suggestions for the DI each day while being around to help my fellow members in whatever they might need

I joined SN about 4 years ago but then lost touch with the site and completely forgot about it until a random email came in from about the people I follow. So now i'm planting my feet solidly within the community, I try to welcome all new members and give feedback on as much artwork as possible. When I comment I take pride in not only giving praise but explaining the possible feelings I get from the piece.

Vancouver Slut Walk, May 15th 2011

I believe in community, I am from a very small one

I believe in art, it's a beautiful passion for me

I am here to get better at what I love and enjoy the process as it unfolds