What're YOU Lookin' At? by BlueSolitaire

What're YOU Lookin' At?

by BlueSolitaire in Nature Photography

I left this image deliberately dark...this bird isn't well.
He didn't leave the feeder while I filled it, had a pathetic flight to this close-by forsythia bush, and kept closing his eyes like he was trying to sleep. Right out in the open. Finches don't do that. I think. We have Cooper's Hawks, which eat birds (they love the slow, dumb mourning doves).
This was sad...once in a while he'd "perk up" and look around. This shot is one of those rare times. The speck on his head is a hulled sunflower seed (a "heart" or "meatie"). Looks a little weird.
After uploading this into the PC he was gone. Hopefully off to get better. Poor bird....

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