Possessed by BlueSolitaire


by BlueSolitaire in Humble Attempts

This was done in Corel Painter X "acrylics". This concept came to me as a vision suddenly. It's been about 1-2 months since I did this, so if you see anything like this on the net, I didn't copy it. This is just as I "saw" it in my head.
I was going for values and tones, no lines except the colored whatever-they-are tendrills. Sometimes we do art from thoughts/visions we have no idea what the heck they are or mean.
This isn't the greatest but I hope to get better. I stink at human anatomy since I find animals to be more graceful and interesting in some ways.
Planning on redoing this in traditional acrylic if or when I actually get my art studio set up. Right now, with money very tight and real life getting in my way, it doesn't seem to be "in the cards".

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