conch shell pastel redeux by BlueSolitaire

conch shell pastel redeux

by BlueSolitaire in Humble Attempts

The original, done in pastels and pastel pencils, came out quite light. I didn't have the guts to darken it. I thought I'd ruin it. So...Corel Painter X to the rescue. I used one layer of "Pastels" atop the original art to darken it up a little. It's still mostly traditional art. I didn't copy the shell exactly, but close enough. It wasn't on the beach at water's edge, for example. XD
The original work, which needs a fixative, is in my DeviantART gallery.

El Cheapo (no name brand) pastels I got at Michaels, Cretacolor pastel pencils, Corel Painter X for darkening and a few blender smudges.

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