Animation and Manga Artist •

Hi!! My named is Stephanie
I love drawing anime.
My first drawing was a bird when I was 5 years old. Than later I became interest with anime, cartoons and realistic. My first book I made when I was 10 was called "The Lost Bunny" It was about a a bird who found a egg and thought it was her. When it hatched, it was a blue bunny. So than later the bird try to find the baby bunny's mother.. but when the bird found the mother of the bunny, she was dead.

I made alot of comic books of my own and comic scripts of random stuff xD I just want to show my drawing to the world and to people who love anime as much as I do. I want to be a somebody in the future,to make children books, anime shows and comic books.

That is my dream...
I will be making speed drawing videos on YouTube ^____^