Space Turbulence by BlackTigerLily

Space Turbulence

by BlackTigerLily in Sailor Moon

I think perhaps I have finally broken my art block. It lasted for about seven months. After that long, I have to say I am proud of how this came out. It's none other than Sailor Uranus, my favorite senshi. It's drawn in a more manga-like style that I don't usually do. I noticed I've rarely ever seen anyone draw the eternal versions of the senshi's attacks. I always see Sailor Uranus' 'World Shaking' attack, so I decided it would be fun to draw her 'Space Turbulence' attack. I intend to color this soon and add effects.

This was heavily referenced by a panel in the Sailor Moon Stars vol. 1 manga.

Sailor Uranus © Naoko Takeuchi

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