Shyntana Drow Costume by BlackTigerLily

Shyntana Drow Costume

by BlackTigerLily in Cosplay

This is the drow (dark elf) costume I made two years ago off my drow OC, Shyntana Gode'ar. It's a karate pattern I found that I modified by adding a hood and a different kind of sash. This was the very first thing I ever sewed and so it had it's rough edges, but I am quite proud of it.

The pictures are from various shoots. The top left one was taken at a local Renaissance fair with a beautiful (but out-of-my-price-range) crystal and bone dagger. The top right and bottom picture are from a photoshoot in a local park.

It was fun getting strange looks from passersby. *giggle*

Shyntana Gode'ar © CJE
Model: Me
Photographer: SBGothik (

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