Circle by BlackTigerLily


by BlackTigerLily in Vampires

An ensemble of characters created by myself and a friend of mine from a vampire novel we worked on together. This is a pretty old piece but I think it still deserves some love.

All the characters are vampires save one; from the top going clockwise, there is Leon, Tithonus, Simon, Garson, Justine, Luthrine, Aiden, Devanor, Jasper, Cyrus, and the middle is Balthazar.

Garson and Aiden © CJE
Leon, Tithonus, Simon, Justine, Luthrine, Devanor, Jasper, Cyrus, & Balthazar © Stefany Belisle

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  • sattish


    the ink lines kinda merges with the skin tone and is not very visible but well done!

    May 8th, 2012 Reply