7w audit application by Bhavinpatel

7w audit application

by Bhavinpatel in Audit and Lean Manufacturing

7W Audit

Seven Waste is one of the tool from lean methodology. Primary purpose of lean is to improve the productivity in any industry. There are seven Mudas also called wastes: Overproduction, Waiting, Transportation, Process, Inventory, Operator movements and Defects.
7w Checklist that works on Mobiles, tablets and desktops
Native apps for Iphone, Android and tablets
7w Audit on cloud with data backup and company Branding
Unlimited Audits, Clients and 7w templates
Generate report in PDF or CSV.
Different user levels like Superadmin and Auditors
Good for internal audits as well as external audits

7w audit link

7w audit on apple store

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