Illustrator, Game & webdesigne •

Groningen, The Netherlands

My name is Berthjan Achterop, a passionate designer from Groningen, a city up north in the Netherlands. Ever since i was young I was interested in art/designs. It started out drawing comics and later on, because of my interest for art/design I studied Communication and Multimedia Design in Leeuwarden which I passed in 2007. After that I got a job as a corporate webdesigner in Groningen. I worked at a big internetagency named TFE.

After almost 4 years of working for TFE, I decided to quit my job and start for myself . With 4 years of agency experience and my passion for graphic design , me and two others (Thijs de Vos and Anthonie Smith) started an agency for online marketing and creation.This agency is called Sterkhouders. At Sterkhouders I am responsible for all the design work. Besides the designs i create for customers i enjoy spending time on personal work to keep evolving my skills. I do this within artgroups like evoke and intrinsic nature.