Graphic and digital artist •

Oklahoma City, OK, USA

My name is Brian, but I use the name Ben Literal for most of my artistic endeavors. You can call me Brian or you can call me Ben. I leave that up to you!

I'm a graphic designer and digital artist. I have a degree in Web Graphic Design. My main platforms are photo manipulation and general graphic design, but I am currently focusing on digital paintings (mainly portraits). I'm looking for any and all constructive criticism that can help me grow as an artist and prosper in the professional side of art.

I originally hosted my work on deviantART, but I am deeply dissatisfied with that site. I read online that Shadowness was a viable alternative, so here I am! Some of the work I post is from my deviantART account, which I started in late 2010. So the work you see will vary greatly in skill level, as I've learned a lot over time. Nonetheless, the work you'll see here is work that I'm proud of.