Baby Kingbird Experience by Behrfeet

Baby Kingbird Experience

by Behrfeet in Nature

So I'm busy tolling away on work work and I keep hearing this bird madly chirping away. It sounds like it is RIGHT outside the window at the opposite end of the room. So I go outside to investigate naturally looking upward. I can hear the damn thing and it sounds like it's coming from that tree RIGHT THERE! Finally I realize that it is sort of echoing off the side of the house and here is this baby Kingbird literally right at my feet. Somehow he felt safe on this broken branch that was laying on the ground but since I have a cat I knew he was sadly mistaken. So I thought I better "relocate" him and figured the easiest way might be to just pick up the branch. He was quite fine with that and "photo op!" popped into my brain and set the branch down on the deck and got the camera. Took a few and then it was time to find him a safe spot since he was being so cooperative with me. For the heck of it I grabbed one of the hundreds of fishflies within my immediate reach and offered one up to him. He wasn't at ALL scared but didn't seem interested in eating either. So I picked up the branch and took him over to the nearby Lilac bush but he wouldn't get off the damn branch. Finally I had to reach out ... thought for sure he would try and flee then ... but much to my surprise he let me pick him right up without any struggle at all. And so I left him on the Lilac bush to fend for himself. He's gone now but all in all it was an interesting encounter :]

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