Photographer •

Indiana, United States

I live my life in cemeteries and little black dresses. I really like shoegaze.

Do you like fuggin' Swans?

I like cats, rats, kissin', bitin', floral prints, spikes, french, pleather, faux fur, velvet, dresses, vinyl, studs, and lace.

i'm lover, not a fighter. i don't eat animals. i have two arms, two legs, ten fingers, and a coordinating number of toes. i am literally attracted to everyone and everything. being a growingly curious girl, while at the same time being madly paranoid, make for an interesting combination; i'm constantly meddling around in stuff that worries and upsets me. i've only ever kissed four boys. i like chemical smells that are supposed to be bad, like bleach, chlorine, nail polish remover and gasoline. i'm a total insomniac; i seriously never sleep. i want to know, see, and hear everything there is about the world. tell me what you know; enlighten me. you won't like me. i love playing mind games - i will drive you mad. i'm addicted to music and dancing. i'm always taking something old, and making it brand new. i love interacting with other people, especially new ones. i hate wearing pants, so i don't, even when it's below zero. i am a sucker for vocalists. i'm a Nintendo nerd. i love my pet Sea Monkeys, we really connect. i am a musician; i play the guitar, keyboard, and bass. i love animals, and nature all-together.