Lonely wolf by August

Lonely wolf

by August in Personal

Once, my Brother asked me for a picture of winged wolf. But that day I was in bad mood.

19x19cm, Faber-Castell technical drawing pen [0,18]

Done in 2006

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  • Dynnnad


    Wow, what a stunning drawing, great details!!

    Jun 12th, 2011 Reply
    • August


      Thank You!
      Though I'm not satisfied with how I managed to draw wolf character, I like the way I did the wings. It's unusual for me, to be pleased with my own results :P

      Jun 26th, 2011 Reply
    • Dynnnad


      You are very welcome!

      Haha, it's good to have a critical eye on your own work. Helps you improve a lot!

      Jun 27th, 2011 Reply
  • JurgenDoe


    Excellent and wonderful drawing.

    Jun 12th, 2011 Reply Subscriber
  • Silver


    I love the detail in it.

    Jun 11th, 2011 Reply
    • August


      Thank You :)
      Back then, I used to draw more details. Now I don't know, if I'm not doing such amount of details anymore because of my lazyness, or because I'm afraid of making flat picture.

      Jun 26th, 2011 Reply