Twillight Priestess by Aruyinn

Twillight Priestess

by Aruyinn in Digital Painting

personal work from 08
started as a portrait /concept for a larger painting I had in mind but never finished

She is the twillight priestess and it is her duty to keep peace between the forces of good and evil.

Every generation there is one girl choosen or better said cursed to become priestess, therefore she losts her name, her memory, her freedom even her health- her hair turns white and her eyes becomes blind over the time force to see far beyond imagination. She does not ear nor drink or sleep from that day on she is a vessel and the pillar of her realm.

There is much more story about, but I lack the proper english and it just sounds cheesy when I try to translate it anyway I know that her eyes are not totally blind in the painting and that she has a slightly silver look- but that s wanted and part of how I wanted it

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