Holly Dryad by Aruyinn

Holly Dryad

by Aruyinn in Digital Painting

This was a private comission from 2010. I really loved the clients idea of a "holly dryad" The holly seems to be a very "strong" plant even the strongest storms and hardest winters doesnt seem to make her much troubles.
The "holly dryad" roams her woods together with her winter lynx companion to take care of all the trees and plants while they sleep.

I lack the english to bring the little story I had in mind to "paper"- Im sorry ;_)

Anyway hope you like it
If you want to see some closeups --> http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_pwnja834mKs/TR-mpL8ZD7I/AAAAAAAAAFk/rMFuM3uSqsw/s1600/DryadAk11_Cu.jpg

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