Yuki Onna by AruarianDancer

Yuki Onna

by AruarianDancer in Fantasy

My interpretation of the Japanese folklore/ ghost story of Yuki Onna (Snow Woman -- made famous by Lafcadio Hearn a.k.a. Koizumi Yakumo). She is believed to be the essence of snow storm itself or a spirit of a woman who wanders about the earth after her death in search of other hapless souls to take. This is the second in my series of "Japanese Folklore Demons", and one of the rare horizontal/landscape format images. She's given additional touches/twists in the forms of the red camellia flower and a silk brocade kimono (I love hand drawing textile patterns!). Camellia is a shrub that is often seen blooming in the snow, but also a well known 'do not bring to hospital' flower in Japan for their habit of dropping spent flowerheads whole as if being beheaded.

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