Metanoia by AruarianDancer


by AruarianDancer in Fantasy

"Metanoia" for Enchanted Visions Project's theme, "Changes". Line art in ink on vellum (9"x12"). Scanned image digitally colored free hand on Intuos 3 tablet with Corel Painter.

Metanoia in the title refers to the term used in Carl Jung's theory of psychology -- it denotes a process of reforming the psyche as a form of self healing, a proposed explanation for the phenomenon of psychotic breakdown. The various Noh masks express different characters as well as emotional states. I could have given her any mask to hold, but I let her pick the Hannya mask (a demon, which is usually a transformed form of a woman, triggered by anger, jealousy, etc.) here. My father had a genuine carved wood Hannya mask as a part of his art collection in Japan and I remember, as a child, I couldn't look at it because it scared me so much. ^^; These days, they're more creepy than scary to me. All of these masks. XD

I have been doing a lot of traditional pieces in small scales lately, so I wanted to do something kind of over-the-top with this theme. It took me a while to finish inking the line art, and then even longer for the digital coloring. The kimono textile patterns were all hand drawn. I like doing tedious things like this the old-fashioned way every once in a while. It's like a meditation to me.

©Mitzi Sato-Wiuff/Aruarian Dancer 2013

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