Himalayan Blue by AruarianDancer

Himalayan Blue

by AruarianDancer in Traditional Media

Ink & watercolor on vellum (140 lb) 5" x 7". Haven't posted anything in a long while. I have been doing a lot of traditional work, but most of them have been ACEOs -- maybe I'll make a compilation image and post as a collection rather than posting them individually.
I get asked to draw/paint red poppies a lot. I wanted a change of pace in color scheme as well as approach. I'm pleased with the way this one turned out. For those who are not familiar with blue poppies, they do exist. Many species of Meconopsis are found in the Himalayas, and there is a species of blue poppy (Welsh Poppy) indigenous to England, Wales, Ireland, and western Europe. I think they're quite lovely.
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